Free Fluhkunxhkos Lyrics By Slimesito

Free Fluhkunxhkos Lyrics By Slimesito
Free Fluhkunxhkos Lyrics By Slimesito

Slimesito Free Fluhkunxhkos Lyrics

Don’t play with him
Flick, blick, Rich Slime
Ayy, motherf*ckin’ twenty

We ain’t doin’ no handouts
F*cked your bitch, now you know she gon’ fan-out
Twenty thousand on my chain, it’s gon’ stand out
I’m outside and I went for that takedown (Ayy)
I’m rich as f*ck now these niggas gon’ hate now
In your spot, man, this shit ain’t no shakedown (Yeah)
You OG, I’ll turn your ass to a plate now

Rich Slime livin’, know I’m lovin’ that gang sound (Rich Slime)
You totin’ five’s, but I know you won’t bust now
Just f*cked your bitch, man you know she’ll bust down (Damn)
I’m OT, I’m finna send this shit in town
Just caught a nigga lackin’ now it’s a man down
On gangway and we totin’ them fans out
Back to back, yeah, I’m havin’ them fans out
Got new Glocks, and you know I got new yachts (Glock)
No safe, but you know it’s one up top (Nah)

Buck fifty, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout
All my niggas, man, they came up from the hard-knock (Yeah)
Twenty-six, but it hold thirty-one shots (Blah)
Popped a nigga now I got the whole hood hot
Hit the stick like I play for thе Red Sox (Stick)
That red tip hit his ass and his dreadlock
In thе trap and I’m totin’ that G-lock

Spit for me and that shit gotta decock (Ayy)
Clean a nigga like a nigga got detox
Got ten shots, did a nigga like 2Pac (Blick-blick)
Got Glocky with me and he totin’ on two [?] Man shot, in a sudden nigga got two flops (On gang)
Got guala, in a sudden, nigga got two shanks (Yeah)
Down south and I’m sippin’ that good drank
Might duct tape a nigga door like
Free Yacht, nigga, free the boy

Rich Slime global, know I got two gangs (Rich Slime)
Got five traps and you know I got three safes
I’m high risk so you know I find three cases (High)
Shit on lock so you know I got two stains (Damn)
Niggas say the gang but they is not gang gang
No Chief Keef but that stick gon’ bang-bang (Blick, blick)
Got certified steppas up in the chain gang
Man, free a nigga Hkunxhkos, know we the same thing (Free Hkunxhkos)

Yeah man, free the whole gang nigga
Free my nigga Hkunxhkos, man, free my nigga Gwaluh, man
Free Shaya, nigga, free Stunna, nigga
Yeah, free all the real niggas, f*ck the fake
Ayy, Stone Gang with me