Flutter Food Delivery App Source Code

Flutter Food Delivery App Source Code
Flutter Food Delivery App Source Code







Flutter Food Delivery App Source Code  Admin Panel


You can start your own multi-restaurant food delivery app with a full dashboard.
This is a complete end-to-end solution to launch your own food delivery application.
It includes an end-user application from which end users can place a food order and includes an administration panel for restaurant owners to accept or manage orders and improve their restaurant business   This ideal is for anyone who wants to start a food delivery application business.

Flutter Food Delivery App Source Code With PHP Laravel Admin Panel Features:

•  Mobile app source code for food delivery customers (based on Flutter Framework)
  Backend admin panel source code (based on PHP Laravel Framework)
  About technologies
•  Flutter is an open-source framework created by Google for mobile application development.  With this framework, applications for Android and iOS devices can be developed.
•  The product comes with an installation wizard to help you configure the entire product suite on your servers in just a few steps.
•  The product includes support for multiple restaurants where the end-user can choose from a restaurant directory and order food from them.  Each restaurant has a different menu of foods to order.
•  All restaurants can be viewed on Google Maps so end users can search for restaurants on a map and get directions to them.  Based on the customer’s location, you will see all nearby restaurants delivering to your location and all the food that is available to order.
 • You can choose between a light or dark theme for your end-user application.  It is very easy to change the subject.
  •It is extremely easy and convenient to rebrand the application and customize the theme of the application according to your needs.  You can start an application with your own brand.  You can easily change the app’s color theme, logos, and icons with minimal effort.
•  The application supports integrations with all major payment gateways such as Stripe, Razorpay, PayPal.
•  Push Notifications FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) application push notifications have been integrated into different areas of the application.
 • The customer is notified by an automatic notification of any change in the order status from the restaurant owner or manager.
•  The restaurant owner/manager receives a desktop/mobile notification when the customer places an order at the restaurant.
  •You can connect the product suite with an email server: SMTP, Mailgun, or Sparkpost and consequently send emails about orders and delivery notifications.
•  The app and admin panel support multiple languages, including RTL (right to left) languages.  Now you can create your food delivery app in Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Urdu, or any other language written from right to left.
•  The product supports multiple currencies.  You can create your own currency and then the entire product package will be changed based on the selected currency.
•  Restaurant manager/owner can add coupon codes, run promotional offers on their food.  Two types of discount coupons are supported: fixed and percentage.  An expiration date can also be added to coupon codes etc…


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