Extreme Laboratory Management System

Extreme Laboratory Management System
Extreme Laboratory Management System



ExtremeLab is an integrated website and a mobile application for the management of the medical analysis laboratory system since it meets all the needs of medical laboratories from all their professional aspects,


Since it allows the users of the system the results of the analysis doctors and facilitates communication and cooperation between laboratory employees and extracts all required reports from the laboratory. Patients can track test reports, laboratory branches, and submit a home visit request.



Extreme Laboratory Management System Features:

  • Managing Tests.
  • Managing Cultures & Antibiotics.
  • Managing Tests & Cultures price list.
  • Doctors management.
  • Patient management.
  • Generating patient receipt.



  • Full management of patient test report.
  • Printing patient receipt & test report.
  • Print barcodes
  • Managing patient home visit requests.
  • Displaying home visit schedule per day.




  • Notification system (Message & Home visit).
  • Creating contracts with discounts.
  • Multi-user with different roles.
  • Multi-branch laboratory.
  • Internal chat between lab employees.
  • Monitoring online users.




  • The accounting module includes (Expenses, Income, Profits).
  • Laboratory configuration settings.
  • Ability to backup database.
  • Supports Multi-language
  • Supports RTL



  • Patient profile management.
  • Ability to view patient test reports & receipts.
  • Sending patient home visit request.
  • Viewing laboratory branches.
  • Notifying patients with Patient code & Results (Email, SMS).
  • Supports Multi-language
  • Supports RTL



Extreme Laboratory Management System Apk Demo:

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