Eva Shaw, BIJOU & Hitmakerchinx – 100GANG Lyrics

100GANG Lyrics By Eva Shaw, BIJOU & Hitmakerchinx

I dont even need no sleep
Every day I gotta eat
N**** dat rent aint cheap
If theres a hunnid doors my n***** gonna eat
24 karrot gold chain gold grill
Were da weed I don’t need no pills
Hold da offers I don’t need no deals that don’t mean my
N***** ain’t real
My n***** been trill

Who got da juice drip
Gold in my tooth pimp
Swag in my walk sauce
We got the shooters gripped up
See most my team been og
A n**** been a vet since 03
Put ya life in dis shit n**** show me Ain none gona change das da old me

Hunnid rings hunnid bank
All my n***** bang hunnid gang Rich squad
Garms on mink Fear god n**** don’t blink
Na we don’t owe no body
Act like I don’t know no body Vroom
Swerve on a bitch

W the fly shit on my body
Everyday im gonna drip sauce
Rolly on the Bessel Dont tick tock
My loc n***** said they gon crip walk
My piru n***** gon blood talk

I got fam every were from the east to the trap
From flatbush to fair fax my n***** leave bear tracks
Have my old bitch she a sex trap chump
I’ll never give up
N**** I don’t give a fuck