EST Gee ft. Young Thug & Future – Lick Back Remix (Lyrics)

EST Gee ft. Young Thug & Future - Lick Back Remix (Lyrics)
EST Gee ft. Young Thug & Future – Lick Back Remix (Lyrics)


Lick Back Remix Lyrics EST Gee ft. Young Thug & Future


(FOREVEROLLING) Niggas know y’all can’t fuck with me, nigga (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Verse 1: EST Gee]

Throw the hood up and then we skrrt off
Slidin’ in that Trackhawk, all my jewelry on, my shirt off
Turn the phone on DND, on silent, all alerts off
It’s a fast car, but I’m movin’ slow, I like my syrup raw
Every nigga ’round me shoot that yeek and get they merch off
I don’t bark, I bite, I got more paper than yo big dawg
Wanna change yo life? My best advice a brick of fentanyl
This bitch type is wife, I might just let the condom slip off

Ain’t too many like me, ninety-nine percent of them rip-offs
On point even at her spot, I nevеr take my kicks off
Ask my opps how it feel to wake up daily and get shit on
You gеt in yo feelings and make diss songs
I make “At yo people’s house, outside, shootin’ that blick” songs
And I’m still good on every block I used to knock P’s on
Boss, I get you chalked, my name ain’t something that you should speak on


Pulled out twenty somethin’ just to let Johnny put my teeth on
My money ten feet tall, but I ain’t something you should shoot at
Kill somethin’, you wanna lock in with us, I thought you knew that
My plug drove the load in on a truck, next day he flew back
I talk so much shit, I need a Tic-Tac
I got five thousand for you, help me set this wolf trap
Started a new strain smokin’ yo man, this here a wolf pack
Up on the scoreboard, we still active, like we on get back
Only thing gon’ take that pain away is if you get racks
Forever get my lick back


[Verse 2: Future]

Suckin’ this bitch titty like I’m tryna get some syrup out of it
Opps set at me ten years ago, niggas still get murdered by it
I put on so many white diamonds make a snow bunny get cockeyed
Slide that bitch out to my crew, hoe got crossed at
I betcha I put some codeine, bitch gon’ kiss it it’s a bliss
Bust down on my freak because she’s sucking dicks
Certified steppa, bust a head and pull a hamstring
Cocaine so perfect sellin’ real up on an airplane

[Verse 3: Young Thug]

Murder red diamond on my pinky ring
Sixty-six murders on my tennis chain
Back and forth, yeah I’m playing tennis games
Racks on at the credit game

[Verse 4: Future]

I got millions of followers nigga I’m a big dog
I drop 3 dollars on Cuban links, real Fentanyl
I got my main bitch watered down like a fish bowl

[Verse 5: Young Thug]

Bitches went to suckin’, I couldn’t even get the TEC out
I just went to bussin’, you couldn’t even get the ‘fess out
I just got so mad I went did a drill in my red Audi
Showed that bitch a Honda, she ain’t ever seen a dead out

[Verse 6: Future]

All these diamond chains, that bitch thought I had my shirt on
At the laundromat washing the money getting the dog off
All this food turn a weed spider into a doghouse
Might just fuck her family bitch at the [?] at Walmart
I done hit so many niggas why I need a broad part

[Verse 7: Young Thug]

Before I married this bitch, really gave a meal to my mother
Took her on the jet that I had added on my father
I been dodgin’ all these nasty hoes like a charger

[Verse 8: EST Gee]

So much paper I bribed fate to hold my karma
My call worldwide if I die I’m a martyr
These snake meat ain’t faze me, my lick back harder
I’m seeing wash and my hands dirty, streets scarred us
Making this money, remain flawless, I promise
I’m no star, I’m much more, I’m enormous
Every time they try to slide I swear to God we spit back
Forever get my lick back