Erica Banks – Who Want A Problem Lyrics Freestyle

Who Want A Problem Freestyle Lyrics By Erica Banks

It ain’t a bitch who can get on the beat and ride it like she thought
A single hype
Who got a problem with
Seen that ho
I know me a bitch who can fight
Eat on the p in the back of the benz
He ain’t a boss if he trap with a

Cappin on him
Boy if he broke, then we laughing at him
Take me cause I’m pretty
He wanna date, but I’m not in the city
I gave him the cake, and he got me the fendy
With me

Na, I don’t pop it for free
Swallo the p, that ho probably drunk cause
Who want a problem with e?
If he standing too close, for free

Three dots
Shawty on the floor, she ain’t even taken three shots
Body make a nigga be a dope feend
Call me cause he checking for
I don’t even text, but the nigga bringing more green

I don’t even think that a ho can have it
Imma leave it cause
Brand new brand new seats
Brand new ice
Brand new shit, I’m a brand new bitch
Imma freak