EMall – Flutter Shopping Full App

EMall - Flutter Shopping Full App
EMall – Flutter Shopping Full App




EMall – Flutter Shopping Full App is a complete end-to-end solution to launch your eCommerce marketplace with a delivery application written in Flutter and Laravel.



Flutter is an open source mobile application development SDK created by Google and used to develop applications for Android and iOS.



Laravel is a web application framework with an elegant and expressive syntax. We’ve already laid the groundwork, allowing you to create without worrying about the little things.



EMall – Flutter Shopping Full App Features

Our best checkout screen with home delivery address applied coupon, change payment mode.

brief details of the order.

You can track orders on an integrated Google Map.



The live location of a delivery boy

The app supports integrations with Razorpav_ Razoroav supports multiple payments such as UPL Cards

Push Notifications have been integrated with order status for users and delivery boys,



The user receives notifications when an Order accepts. on the way. and delivered

You can switch very easily to a Light or dark theme from the *ting.

The app and the admin panel support multiple languages (Hindi. Spanish. Chinese), You can also Vour custom Languages.







Ecommerce Shopping App Source Code





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