Elegant – Academy LMS Theme

Elegant - Academy LMS Theme
Elegant – Academy LMS Theme



The elegant theme is a modern user interface template for academy LMS. It redefines the design of academy movies to a whole new taste that brings a professional look to your LMS web portal.




Elegant – Academy LMS Theme Features

  • Built on Bootstrap 4 with the latest & trendy UI.
  • Home page with course slider and category box.
  • Course filter page.
  • Course Search page.
  • Course grid view layout.
  • Course list view layout.
  • Course detail page.
  • Instructor profile page.




  • Course cart page.
  • Student, instructor, admin login page.
  • Student, instructor signup page.
  • Forget the password page.
  • My course page, list of purchased courses.
  • Wishlist page, option to remove and purchased tag.
  • A messaging page for contacting the instructor.





  • Course purchase history page.
  • Review and rating posting form.
  • Invoice page with a print function.
  • User profile management
  • Terms & condition page.
  • About page.
  • Privacy Policy page.
  • 404 error page configuration.