DreamsChat WhatsApp Clone App Source Code

DreamsChat WhatsApp Clone App Source Code
DreamsChat WhatsApp Clone App Source Code




  DreamsChat is a  chat application for all your need to create your own chat application reciprocal to Whatsapp which includes advanced functions i.e. multi-group chat, and you can send pictures, videos, audios with advanced calling features, video call, and audio call, and it also connects via firebase database.
Dreamschat allows you to stay in touch with your family, friends, and co-workers with this group chat;  You can have chat messages, photos, and videos from this dream group chat.

Social Media DP Battle App Source Code Features:

√  Users can update their profile information.
 √ Voice and video call
√Users can make video calls and audio calls with good voice quality
√  Workflow and Product Features
√  Login User can enter their phone number, the √OTP will send it to their respective number, √Followed by the above steps, you need to verify the OTP to login.
√  Home page The home page displays your chats, groups, and calls.
√The chat screen includes a personal chat with individual contacts.
√The group screen includes group chats and group details.


√The top header will have the profile picture.
√The bottom floating button is used to display the contact list.
√  Chat details In the chat details screen, the user can send a message as text, image, video, location, audio, contact, document and audio messages.
√Only one image/video upload is available at a time.
√  By clicking a long press, the user can delete, copy and forward those messages.
√Also, the user can send emojis.
√Users can make audio/video calls.  Profile details can be viewed by clicking on username/image.
√  Configuration The configuration screen will have a user image, a number, and a status.
√By clicking the user’s picture, the user can change the profile picture from the gallery or camera.
√Users can view the application to share, rate the application, privacy policy, contact us, and log out on this screen.
√By clicking the Logout button, the user can log out of the application
√  Chat profile In this, the user can see a friend’s profile picture, status, and phone number and can make a default call from this page.
√  The silent notification option is available on this screen.
√  Contact In this, the user can see the list of contacts in which the same user has this application installed.
√The search option is used to search for the username.



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