Dr James Bayo Owoyemi – It is time to declare Boko Haram and others as terrorist organizations

Dr James Bayo Owoyemi
Dr James Bayo Owoyemi


It is time to reveal Boko Haram and others as terrorist groups, Owoyemi tells Buhari.

President and Inspector of the United Apostolic Church of Christ, Dr. James Bayo Owoyemi said yesterday that President Mohammadu Bukhari must immediately declare that Boko Haram and its bandits are terrorizing the country’s terrorist organization.

Owoyemi said in Akure that “any organization responsible for the killing of innocent people and the displacement of millions of Nigerians is a terrorist, even if the federal government does not designate it as such”.

He was in the state capital for the annual church service “It is the duty of governments at all levels to protect their citizens, and when some people make it difficult, it must not fail to rely on the law to punish violators.

“By the definition of terrorism, those who care about ending their lives are terrorists, even if the government doesn’t declare them terrorists, they are terrorists.

The pastor expressed satisfaction with Nigeria’s removal from the side of religious violators. dr. Owoyemi said the country’s constitution allowed religious freedom. Owoyemi said this was a welcome development.

“We have Christians in all parts of the country. Christianity has faced persecution from the very beginning. The United States was right to remove Nigeria from a country with religious intolerance.

“Nigeria is not on the list of countries on the 2021 List of Religious Offenses.

Owoyemi ruled out the possibility that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) could become a political party According to him, the organization will pressure the government to do what is right for its citizens.

Owoyemi said Christian leaders would not allow the association to be politicized.

At the Church’s annual convention, Owoyemi said that the United Apostolic Church of Christ, a Christian denomination of the Apostolic Order, was organized in 1965 after several servants of God were inspired by the Holy Spirit to organize the Church.

The congress, entitled the Good Shepherd, marks one year for Owoyemi as President and General Overseer of the Church.