Dot Demo – David Ortiz Freestyle Lyrics

David Ortiz Freestyle Lyrics By Dot Demo

Big Wallets
Big Poppa
Chris Wallace
N**** Stop It
That Shit Is Not It
You’s a Novice, Beginner
Big Rats
Master Splitter
Big Racks
Serve You Dinner
Rodger Federer
From The Basement
Big Tigger
Big Papi
Clutch Hitter
Real N****

Game Winner
Might Slide Thru, Base Stealer
You N***** Funny
Ben Stiller
I’m GhostFaceKiller
Tony Stark, Hood Avenger
The Hood Prophet
N**** Stop It
That Shit Is Not It
You’s a Novice, Beginner
The Bread Winner
Mid Winter
Wig Splitter

Hair Trigger
The Lead Spitter
Hit Your Mans If He Stand Witcha
I Can’t Stand N*****
Win A Grammy Wit Gram Dealers
Awww yeah baby! 187.5 get your ipod, dvds, cds, mp3s – it’s goin down!
We got that new Dot Demo blastin through your eardrums baby!
It’s goin down… awwwwww yeah!
We live from Orchard Beach in the parking lot!
Keep the change ya filthy animal!
Yo… D-A-Y D-O-T – Ultra, Ultra Nostra – D-A-Y D-O-T yeah, Ultra

Coke binges
Four winters
Cold benches
Street sweepers
Snow trenches
Leave ya nose injured
Mad flavors
Good stash saved us
When the feds slayed us
The key keepers
The ground shakers

Blat blat blat
Now your soul is lost
Extra mean
Stay on my deen
Still knock your Kufi off
Judgement day
Army brigade
Arsenal built for war
Guard yo face
Protect your neck
Don’t check for me

I’m the resurrected
Red fluorescent
Bread collect’n
Godly Essence
Since adolescence
I heard 9s and Wessons
Crimes and lessons
Block crime infested
After mom, I’m cheff’n
Epidemic, crack out the civic
I got on and blessed em
Product pinching
Fresh out the Civic

Pot and pans still missin
How you livin
Ya moms and children
All stuck in one building
Clock or purchase
Top notch the service
I get mine and flip it
Funeral service
White sheets and curtains
Just thank God you living
Yeah, look… just thank God you livin
Pray to God, oh my, just thank God you livin
Yeah, thank God I’m livin (on my life)
Too much dirt, don’t know how I’m livin