Diazepam Lyrics By Corbin

Diazepam Lyrics By Corbin
Diazepam Lyrics By Corbin

Corbin Diazepam Lyrics

How do I control my own subconscious?
Baby, I don’t wanna know, I wanna block it
Found me on the floor and unresponsive
Baby, do you know what’s in my pocket?
I told you I would throw it in the firepit

Baby, you know what it’s like when the quiet hits
Cold-like cryogen
Need my vitamins
Think that I got spider bit
Don’t want no Benzodiazepines
Seems like every week I’m getting sicker

I just keep going back to the liquor
You been near me for a while, know what my problem is
Can you lead me through the water? Be my prophetess
My clock’s ticking, tick, slip
I dropped that ring, I misses it
Girl, I need your eyes or I might go crazy
Psycho baby

My life support is failing
Know that I wouldn’t save me
What you crying for baby?
Devils got my numbеr and he paged me
Body going numb, no, that’s not brain freezе
Know you’re trying to find a way out

Tired of feeling like a clown
When life’s breaking you way down
Pull my body from the ground
Just tie me up against a tree, turn me to an effigy
And we’ll just soak in the scum like we do when we’re geeking
Why you tweak? It’s in your head

Baby, you drained your dopamine
There’s no reset
Can’t keep going at that speed
It’s gonna end
Baby, I hope you said your peace, hope you find it