Davolee – Fatherhood Lyrics

Davolee – Fatherhood Lyrics
Davolee – Fatherhood Lyrics


Fatherhood Lyrics By Davolee

As at then i don’t know if i should say i fell in love, but i think i did
But then i got a dream and some pains on me
Got my energy confused the deem light was green
But kilemase if i insist say my pepper gats rest before i go know peace
Switch and go mainstream woni k’ole sèsè
Aiming for the stars, have been shooting for like ages

Won’fe ki onafun gbę , so i go for mooncheck
Couple weak youngings, all they do is suicide
Wish they had the strength to pull stunt they couldn’t have
Wish i had the block to pull couple of my n***** on
Wish i had a selfie prove, i had to show the new school
How you’ve disagreed cos eni’gbagbo,They said i was impossible
All i had was God’s given talent and zeal, i hold no one responsible

Won tu lo’ro ef’osifun , fun eba t’oti gbe si fridge
F’un almost a decade so i got fufu (got fufu)
In the midst of all this oyin l’oun ti gbe’odo mi
But then i be like you dey bòbò mi, buh omo she no bòbò mi
Reality check, t’aba ni ka rugged ę pe’eyo kanni tababi children
So we went back and forth last last , omo we go gats fight am raw
So, i called and i told her, we’re doing this she say what?
School o’ma s’ara giri ni hmnnn

She was in her finals and covid was around town
Boti’ese fe sofun mum and dad è gan ja l’aya
Always on salivas nothing dey appetize am
So i had to do some prescription s’oma fa loud loud
Buh the matter no be funnybone, funny how it’s looking possible and impossible
Straight nine months mhen, i don’t really feel stressed
Cos i had a strong queen, giving me a princess

Then Aseyori came into my picture, success all i seek for in all endeavors
So i made a record it came like a prophesy
All i want is happiness, k’Olorun ma je à gb’omosi
It’s epic how i watch my kid grow, while am still growing
A whole lot have been through and how i didn’t show it
Real life emotions and how am new doing this
All were dreams only, wahala sneeze covid

Mhen on God my girl issa goddess
If i don’t keep up 101, am on a 100
She my angel (Hundy) 100 , i go dey der
Am on my grind while am trusting the process
Very first day in the house was a drama
Cry like say something dey wey dey bite am

Her tears took tears for her mama, omo naso i burst laugh oooo kilofe kan iru awa yi
We were been careful with her literally, then she got use to real life innabit
Omo na’mopa f’ewa j’ewon phillipine ,
Molo f’ijo baba e dey say na her mum, e be tins
But Everything about me was all about her
Ookay maybe we should say the most things about me
And that was where i felt connected
Fatherhood was a blessing i almost neglected
I had tell you the influence on my lifestyle, thinking and the way i perceive things

I was grateful i really did, real life too show me like season film
ILeka, Rodo ni seh
See, Am just another street boy, with too many sides to the story of his own life
Hopefully I get to share more before i say bye
But i swear down e go three last


Fatherhood Lyrics Davolee