Customer Loyalty, Memberships For Perfex CRM

Customer Loyalty, Memberships For Perfex CRM
Customer Loyalty, Memberships For Perfex CRM


The customer loyalty and membership module allow you to retain your customers by rewarding them with points. With customer loyalty and memberships, you can efficiently implement a rewards system in your store.



Loyalty points received by customers can be redeemed for sale coupons, purchase discounts, or other loyalty rewards. Not only that but points can also be redeemed to gain loyalty membership and become part of the community of loyal brand members.



Customer Loyalty, Memberships For Perfex CRM Features

Customer loyalty is a customer’s willingness to repeatedly return to a company to conduct some type of business due to the delightful and remarkable experiences they have with that brand. One of the main reasons you want to promote customer loyalty is because those customers can help you grow your business faster than your sales and marketing teams.


A customer loyalty program is a rewards program that a company offers its most frequent customers to encourage loyalty and long-term business by offering free merchandise, rewards, coupons, or even advance released products.

1. Customer loyalty is something all companies should aspire to simply by virtue of their existence: The point of starting a for-profit company is to attract and keep happy customers who buy your products to drive revenue.
2. Customers convert and spend more time and money with the brands they’re loyal to. These customers also tell their friends and colleagues about those brands, too which drives referral traffic and word-of-mouth marketing.


3. Customer loyalty also fosters a strong sense of trust between your brand and customers — when customers choose to frequently return to your company, the value they’re getting out of the relationship outweighs the potential benefits they’d get from one of your competitors.
4. Since we know that it costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer, the prospect of mobilizing and activating your loyal customers to recruit new ones — simply by evangelizing a brand – should excite marketers, salespeople, and customer success managers.

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1. Use a simple points-based system.
2. Use a tier system to reward initial loyalty and encourage more purchases.
3. Charge an upfront fee for VIP benefits.
4. Structure non-monetary programs around your customers’ values.
5. Make a game out of it.
6. Scratch the program completely.
7. Build a useful community for your customers.