Custom Listing App – Directory

Custom Listing App - Directory
Custom Listing AppDirectory





Custom Listing App – Directory is a mobile application developed with the new Ionic 5 technology, it is fully integrated with the MyListing theme that supports custom fields and their configuration, it is easy to use and customizable through our plugin from your website.


The product contains our plugin and the application code (a code for the iOS and Android platforms).
It will be necessary to install the plugin on your WordPress site, so you can customize your application without having to make a new publication, such as the default language, the color of the buttons, or the pages that will be displayed.




Custom Listing App – Directory Features

  • No security problems
  • Listings creation
  • Explore page with custom filters
  • Google Maps and OpenStreetMap support
  • 3 Homepage styles (MyListing, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor styles)
  • Packages purchasing






  • Show your posts
  • Chats with notifications
  • Languages supported:
    • Albanian
    • Arabic
    • Chinese Traditional and Simplified
    • Dansk
    • Deutsch
    • Dutch



    • English
    • French
    • Greek
    • Hebrew
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Portugues
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • Spanish