Coupons CMS 7

Coupons CMS 7
Coupons CMS 7




Coupons CMS is perfect for people who want to start a new coupon/deals website. It has never been easier to promote coupons, offers, and/or products from big stores/brands and make money with their affiliate programs You can now automatically receive payments from store owners.



Coupons CMS 7 Features:

  • Powerful admin panel
  • Able to add sub administrators (administrators have full control of sub administrators options)
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Stores
  • Manage Coupons



  • SEO Friendly
  • Newsletter System (people can subscribe and confirm subscription via email, also they are able to unsubscribe and confirm this via email). Administrators can choose if email confirmation is or not required.
  • Reviews System (people can write reviews about stores that you have). People can also rate stores when adding reviews.
  • Suggestions (able to receive suggestions from visitors or store owners)
  • Manage Pages (add, edit, delete, publish-unpublish)




  • Manage Users (add, edit, delete, verify-unverified, ban, send email)
  • Manage Subscribers (edit, delete, verify-unverified, import, export)
  • Manage Online Sessions
  • Clicks Report (see how visitors leave the website and where they go, the graphic also)
  • * Reward System (administrators are able to manage rewards and people claim requests. please see our FAQ section)
  • * Themes System (it’s so easy to create a new theme for Coupons CMS, built-in forms such as login_form(), register_form(), contact_form(), etc.)
  • * Widgets (there are 13 different widgets)




  • * Able to ban users or IP addresses. (administrators are able to ban an IP address temporary or permanent, also able to restrict the only Login and/or Register. Or restrict the entire site and redirect to another website)
  • * FEED (you can import coupons and/or stores/brands from an external source, this can be done automatically using Cron jobs)
  • * Coupons CMS allows you to ban automatically a user after a defined number of fail attempts. You can choose after how many attempts to ban and for how long.
  • Responsive designs
  • Rich Snippets for search engines
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