Church Android & IOS Flutter App Source Code

Church Android & IOS Flutter App Source Code
Church Android & IOS Flutter App Source Code
Church App Allows You to Extend beyond Sunday mornings and the four walls of your church.  We have put together all the main features that your church app should have Live broadcast, radio, events, devotionals, notifications, notes, bible in multiple versions, audio/video messages, subscription plans to watch videos or listen to audio messages.
However, The application comes with 7 different versions of the Bible, namely KJV, NKJV, AMPLIFIED, NLT, NET, MESSAGE, and NRSV versions.
    It comes with social media features, where members can interact, share images and videos, and follow each other.  Material Design app

Church Android & IOS Flutter App Source Code Features:

   √ Supports Youtube, Vimeo, m3u8, MPD, RTMP, mp3, mp4, Mkv, Avi, and other video and audio formats
    √Supports LiveStreaming from RTMP, m3u8, and youtube channels.
   √ Notes: support Html notes.
   √ Events – Notify users of church events and activities.
  √  Inbox: send notification messages to users, messages are stored in users’ inbox.
√    Radio
  √  Bible with support for color highlighting, bookmarks, sharing, copying, viewing side-by-side versions, etc.
    √AdMob Ads
   √ Supports adding external media URL
    √Weekly / Monthly / Yearly Subscription Plans: Allow users to subscribe to watch videos or listen to audios.
  √  FCM Push notifications: send push notifications from the admin panel
   √ Authentication system
   √ Password recovery/confirmation emails.
    √Comments / Responses / Likes
    √Supports video / audio playlists
   √ User management, lock, unlock or delete users from the administration panel.
    √Comment management: Post, unpublish or delete any user comments from the admin panel.
  √  Informed Comments: Users can report offensive comments.
 √   Complete documentation with a detailed installation guide

Download   Church Android & IOS Flutter App Source Code Test App From Google Playstore:

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