Cashback Tracker WordPress Plugin

Cashback Tracker WordPress Plugin
Cashback Tracker WordPress Plugin



Do you have an affiliate website and want to take it to the next level? The reimbursement model allows you to track the user’s purchases in-network stores and send part of the commission to the user.



This provides more reasons for visitors to shop on your site rather than visit stores directly.
Popular affiliate website owners with cashback pay developers thousands of dollars because this requires API connections, user database, and points, live tracking.



Cashback Tracker WordPress Plugin Features

  • Auto Sub ID. If you use the shortcode from the plugin for affiliate links (or our plugins Content Egg, Affiliate Egg) plugin will assign a special Sub ID to each logged user.
  • Order tracking. When a user purchases any product, the plugin will track his order. By default, it will be pending. Once you get a commission, the order will be completed and you can share part of the commission with the user



  • Auto Creation of Advertiser’s pages. The plugin will take all your approved programs in the affiliate network and will create Shop pages on your site, which can give you more traffic and sales
  • MyCred Integration. The plugin can create few point types. Each order status can be converted to points. MyCred plugin has a lot of extensions, you can pay users real money for their points or allow them to spend points on your site






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