BRW – Booking Rental Plugin WooCommerce

BRW - Booking Rental Plugin WooCommerce
BRW – Booking Rental Plugin WooCommerce



BRW – Booking Rental Plugin WooCommercePlugin – With multiple configurations and flexible plugin features, it accommodates multiple rental systems.


The rental plugin developed from woocommerce, so you can customize functions and templates with ease. The rental supplement is applicable to systems such as car rental, hotel reservation, travel reservation, trip reservation, boat rental, bicycle, transport service, taxi service (location) …
You can integrate into the theme, change the plugin template in the child theme, and use the flexibility of multiple hooks easily.





BRW – Booking Rental Plugin WooCommerce Features

BRW supports admin to set price:
– By hours: Do not limit the number of rental hours (it may be suitable for orders that hire more than 24 hours).
– For days.
– Mix between days and hours.
– By the period of time.




– Set a fixed price from location A to location B.
– Seasonally, holidays.
– By the number of guests (Ex: Price according to the number of adult passengers, price according to the number of children).
– Set the discount price according to the rental days.
The calendar serves to reserve
On the reservation form, the calendar will be displayed in the “Pickup date and delivery date” fields, so customers only need to click on the scheduled dates to make a reservation.
Availability calendar



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This calendar helps visitors to know the available dates and the unavailable dates with a certain product.
With the hourly rental option, the calendar will show how many orders on a particular day and time slots other customers booked
With the daily rental option, the calendar will show the daily price.
Using different calendar templates: year, month, week, day, list
Automatic email notification




A confirmation or cancellation email will be automatically sent to customers’ email addresses after booking or canceling without the need for staff. Especially x days before the pick-up date, customers will receive a reminder email.
Powerful search functionality
Customers can filter products and services according to their own needs with the search tool regardless of the devices they use Search:
– Pick update
– Deadline
– Pick up location
– Delivery point



– Category
– Hashtag
– Attributes
– Brand
Custom taxonomy (admin can make unlimited custom taxonomy)
Create order manually
This functionality is crucial when the admin wants to add orders offline when receiving reservation requests by phone or directly, so the admin will manage both types of orders on the fly: online and offline.




Multiple items per rental
This allows customers to order one or more items in one order. It is convenient for customers when making a payment. They do not have to pay for many items with many orders.
Ready time
The plugin allows setting the length of time between 2 leases, so owners can use this duration to check out products and prepare to greet customers.
Orders management

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– Search tool for orders: in the backend, the admin can filter the orders according to:
+ Order ID
+ Client name
+ Arrival date
+ Departure date
+ Pick up location
+ Delivery location
+ Order status
+ Product






– Edit orders manually
+ Edit customer personal information
+ Edit delivery addresses
+ Edit deposit, remaining amount, and insurance
+ Add mandatory fee, shipping fee, and taxes.

Manage deposit
Customers accept a partial payment or a full payment.
Manage insurance




The administrator received or paid the insurance amount for the clients
Accept payment
Customers can pay for their reservations through Woocommerce compatible payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, Payoneer … Let the admin set a prepaid amount, require Partial Payment and Full Payment.
A reservation request
Visitors create a booking request, the admin will receive that request. The manager can make a phone call or email the visitors to confirm the reservation.




In some unexpected cases, customers want to cancel their orders. The plugin supports them to make a cancellation. Any cancellation will be automatically approved without any effort. Customers and administrators will receive email notifications of cancellation automatically. After receiving the cancellation, the administrator returns the money to the customers.
The other outstanding features:
– Add unlimited attributes
– Add price for additional services
– multilingual




– Manage inventory
– Add unlimited custom taxonomy
– Additional tab: show any shortcodes on the tab
– Backend calendar to manage reservations





– Fully responsive: designed to offer the best experience on any device.
– Search shortcode: display the search form on any page.
– Shortcode of the reservation form: shows the reservation form of a product on any page.
– Shortcode for the reservation request form: displays the reservation request form for a product on any page.
– Abbrev code

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