Borlabs Cache – WordPress Caching Plugin

Borlabs Cache - WordPress Caching Plugin
Borlabs Cache – WordPress Caching Plugin



Borlabs Cache – WordPress Caching Plugin is a powerful yet easy-to-use caching plugin for WordPress. Serve your content in milliseconds, improve your ranking, and make your visitors happy.




Borlabs Cache – WordPress Caching Plugin Features

Caches every page, post, feed, category, tag, etc.
Define individual cache lifetime for home, categories, pages, posts, feeds, custom post types, etc.
Automatically update the cache …


… a comment was written
… a post was published
… whenever you want
Exclude from caching using …
… query string
… way, p. ex. /don’t-cache.HTML or with regular expression



…type of message
… user agent
Full header management
Maximum age
Last modification



Merge JavaScript files into a single file
Minify and compress JavaScript
Defer JavaScript
Put JavaScript in the header or footer


Merge CSS files into a single file
Minify and compress CSS
Optimize embedding of Google fonts
Compress HTML
Delete HTML comments
Remove unnecessary whitespace
DNS preload



Other configurations
Disable WordPress meta generator tag
Disable third-party meta generator tags
Disable emoji



Disable feed linking
Disable manifest
and much more…
Database optimization
Unique features




Chunk caching – keep parts of your site dynamic and not static
Security Headlines: Content Control Policy, XSS Protection, and More
View Cache – View all cached pages and get statistics on them. Delete or refresh a specific page from the cache
Cache Preload – Keep all your pages up to date. Your customers always get your content very fast
Cache presets different cache settings for each type of website, such as e-commerce, magazines, corporate, etc.

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Multisite: individual cache settings for each site in your WordPress Multisite installation
Multilingual: works with WPML, qTranslate, and many others
Ecommerce – Works with WooCommerce, auto exclude cart, and checkout by default with our eCommerce preset
CDN: use your favorite CDN like StackPath (MaxCDN), KeyCDN, CloudFlare, or any other