Billionaire’s Surrogate [Prologue]

Billionaire’s Surrogate [Prologue]

A one night stand with the billionaire and getting pregnant for him made her lose her marriage to her sister Who is she She’s Our first lead
Leilena Dickson a poor girl who worked so had to earn ends meet She did different types of jobs

A waiter in the da And a stripper at night
Any man will want to get her in his bed
She is beautiful, hot, and sexy

She has left home at the age of sixteen after getting pregnant to a billionaire when she was already engaged

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She was from a very rich home but she was sent away from home after bringing disgrace to her parents who were celebrities

She dropped out of high school and left the country Alberto Del Rio our second lead a business tycoon

A multi-billionaire and shell holder to ADR company limited He is every lady’s dream man.

He has a cute handsome son named Ryan Del Rio whom he raised along with A baby father

Ryan is a spoilt kid who never lacks anything

What happened when he grows up and requested a mother and asked his father to send all the maids What happened when the kids grow up and requested a mother

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Five years to begin again takes us to five years later when leilena Dickson and Alberto Del Rio met without recognizing each other

what happened when he crosses path with leilena

She has slapped him in public not knowing he was a billionaire

What happened when Alberto Del Rio has decided to teach her a lesson

He made sure she lost her job and also threatened to make sure she didn’t find any job all around Singapor What happened when he signed a contract with her to be his son mother

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Do you think Ryan will like her??

What happened when Alberto falls in love with her and also knowing her secret of being a strip girl Will he still has anything to do with her when his mother already hated her.