Billionaire’s Surrogate [Episode 4]

Billionaire’s Surrogate [Episode 4]

Authoress gabby Daniel

Chapter four

Leilena pov

Las Vegas

I was done performing on stage and made way to climb down and then my eyes caught someone

I gasped What was him doing here

He stared at me and I gulped down nervously

He must not know it’s me. I quickly ran down and headed to the dress room

I need to leave right away

I changed back to my outfit and removed the mask from my face

“Lena” I head miss Becca said

“you performed Wonderful tonight. I thought you might have forgotten the steps but you were amazing tonight ” she said

I just rolled my eyes

So what’s a great deal

“and that makes you have someone. He is ready to pay $200,000,000. More than the money for your mum treatment ” she said and I gasped

For goodness sake I’m not a sex worker

“do you know how far that money can go in your life ” she asked and I shrugged

No big deal

“I’m sorry. I can’t sell my body for money” I replied falling my hair

Coming back as a stripper is killing me and now this

I can’t possibly take it

“huh??. Don’t you need the money ” she asked surprise

“even if I need the money doesnt mean I will sell my body. I still have some dignity ok” I mumbled

“it’s best you pay me so I can leave. I still have my mother to go back to ” I said and she nodded

I watched as she counted $50,000 and hand it over to me

It’s little but if I add my savings. It will be able to go half way and mum treatment can commence

I inhaled deeply and made way to the door

I can still believe some random guy will want to have me for tonight

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What was he even thinking

I’m I a sex worker or what

But sorry to disappoint him. He needs to find someone else

I walked out of the club for the back exit. I have covered half of my face with my hair

I came out of the club and met the darkness of Las Vegas

It was pretty dark since only the coloured lights were reflecting

“Aha. Here you are ” I heard someone said making me stay still

I recognized the voice

“didn’t they tell you I wanted you tonight ” he said romancing my bare shoulders

“no one rejects me ” he breathe on my neck making shivers run down my spine
He must not know it’s me

I closed my eyes tightly. So he was the guy who wanted me

He is such an arrogant jerk

I just hope he wouldn’t see my face

Seeing it will make matters worst

He will just confirmed the thought he have of me as a slut

God what should I do??

He held my arm and I shut my eyes as he was about to turn me to face him

But just then his phone rang

“a minute slut” he said and walked away

I guessed a few meters away and without thinking I ran out

I slowly rubbed my eyes. I have slept beside mum at the hospital

I’m happy that her treatment will commence soon but I still needed money to complete for her payment

I remembered last night

What if he had seen me

What will he have done

I checked the time. I need to get home and take Adele to school and also take my bath

“I will be back mother” I kiss her cheek and left the hospital

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I got home to see some strange people around our house but the only one I could recognize what’s the one who sold the house to us

“what was happening ” I mumbled and just then the man who sold the house to us walked up to us

“I can see you are already here leilena. I will just make it brief. The land, in fact, the full neighborhood has been sold including this house” he said pointing to our house and my eyes widened

“you have only today to park your stuff because the house will be broken down tomorrow ” he said and my eyes widened

Why will someone buy the house people are leaving in

He doesn’t even have a heart

Where did he expect us to stay

“who is the devil you sold your soul to” I asked with hatred in my eyes

“I’m the one” someone replied behind me

I slowly turned to see him

Of course it’s not other person but Mr arrogant

Why was he bet on frustrating me

First he made me lose my job

And now he just brought our house

The only house we could afford in Las Vegas

Why was he cruel

The tears threatened to fall but I held it. I wouldnt make him win by crying in his front

“already sad” he smirked making me wish I can slap it off it’s face

“tell me why are you doing this?? ” I asked and he chuckled

“it’s simple. I just want you to pay for slapping me in public ” he said

“I’m just getting started. I will make sure you and your family craw begging me ” he smirked

“just stop it. Don’t bring my family into it. If it’s for me to apologize I will do it. Please stop it. I already lost my job” I cried

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“apologizing wouldn’t be enough. I want more” he answered and I raised my eyebrows

“what else do you want ” I said trying not to yell

“be my wife and a mother to my son” he blurted out

“what!! ” I screamed

He got to be kidding me

Definitely he is out of his senses

Did he just say that
I definitely can’t be a wife to an arrogant jerk

He will surely kill me with his coldness someday

“do it only then we I leave you” he answered

“just today to think it through “he answered and throw his office card on the floor and walked away

He is so much full of himself

I groaned out

Alberto Del Rio

I entered my mansion.

I know she will accept

Of course she wouldn’t want to live in the street. Accepting will be best for her since I wouldn’t just let her go

She made a hell mistake crossing my path

“where’s my son” I asked the maids

I was hoping to see him dressed up for school

“he is still on bed ” she replied

“he refused to take his bath” she added quickly

Taking a glance at her I walk upstairs
I met him shivering on the bed

Cold shivers run down my spine

“big man ” I called moving towards him

“momma ” he uttered out

“Ryan! ” I called touching him

I gasped

He was so hot

“momma! Momma!! ” he cried out

“I want to see momma!! ” he said