Billionaire’s Surrogate [Episode 3]

Billionaire’s Surrogate [Episode 3]

Authoress gabby Daniel

Chapter Three

Las Vegas

“mother” I shouted running towards her

“mother” I called again crunching down to her

She wasn’t answering me

She was still

I place my head on her chest. I can’t even tell if it’s still beating or not

“I need to call Leila… ” I mumbled searching for my phone

I place a call to her and waited for her to pick up but she didn’t

“common pick up ” I uttered running my hands on my head

I waited and waited

But she didn’t pick up.

I groaned!

What should I do now.

“maybe I should look for help outside” I thought and ran outside to see if I can get someone to help out


I gasped.

He was my boss

“you just slapped him” Ann added and I groaned

Why did he had to be him

I clenched my fists not wanting to punch his face

“your attitude was out of place. I’m sorry but you are fired” Ann said and I groaned out

“no need to get me fired because I quit” I uttered

I can’t stand having an arrogant jerk as my boss

I would have quit anyway

Taking one glance at him I cursed as I caught him smirked

Without hesitation, I ran out

I changed back to my outfit

I can’t believe I just lost my work. The job I had try to secure for months now

Finding a job in Las Vegas was so hard. Especially when you don’t have connections

How will I take care of Adele fees and mother

I groaned and I didn’t know when the tears fall.

I had been a stripper since last five years without mum and Adele finding out

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But I stopped immediately I got a job at the restaurant this yeae

Will I go back being one now” I mumbled and shook my head

Why did it have to be me

Just then my phone rang. I checked the caller and it was Adele

She is supposed to be in school

She shouldn’t tell me that she took her phone to school

I picked up my phone and pick the call

“leila you need to come quick. Mum is dying ” she said and my eyes widened



“how? What happened ” I asked

“I don’t know. I came back from school to meet her laying lifelessly. Someone has helped me carried her to the hospital. I will send the address. Please come fast ” she said and cut the call

This can’t be happening

She’s all we got

I put my phone back in my bag and left the dressing room“what do you mean she is diagnosed with cancer,” I said looking at the doctor

“yes dear and she needs treatment to control it ” he said and I heaved

“so how much does this treatment cost” I asked

“just $120,000” he said and my eyes widened

he called $120,000 “just”

“it’s a huge amount of money ” I thought

“you need to pay half of the money, If not am sorry the treatment won’t commence,” he said

“you need to do that before tomorrow so we can start the treatment immediately to avoid many complicated issues ” he said and I nodded slowly

How will I even get the money

I walked out of his office. My savings Is not even up to it and to crowd it up I just lost my work

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Such a pathetic day

“will mom be fine” Adele said coming towards me

I slowly nodded

I can’t allow her to die

There’s only one option remaining

I breathe in. I got no choice


“you came back ” Becca the head of the sex workers asked

“it’s just for tonight. I needed the money that’s why ” I replied

“Surely they will be so happy to see you perform tonight. Most of them even asked about you ” she rapped

So great

It’s just for tonight!!

I’m not a sex worker but a stripper. So don’t think I’m a slut

And mother will be the only reason for performing tonight

I checked the time and it was not yet evening

I will sit back and wait till its evening before getting ready

I picked up my mask and breathe in deeply

Alberto Del Rio pov

“I have told you Ryan! Stop fighting in school ” I said to my little boy as I drive down the city, I’m just taking him back from school

I had wasted much time checking out on the hotel and finding out about that girl that has the nerve to slap me in public

I will make sure she go down for it

“I didn’t want to fight with him father but he keeps getting on my nerves ” he cursed

“he said I don’t have a momma. It’s that true father” he asked

Not again!

I stared at him and then focused on the road

“father where’s my momma ” he asked again

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“I have told you Ryan stop taking about your mummy” I said

“why father?? I want to see my momma ” he cried out

Not now

I hate it when my son crys

“stop crying. I will get you to see momma okay” I said

“really father?? ” he asked

I nodded as I was far in thought

How will I get my boy a mother


I had drop Ryan with his nanny

It was pretty late and I needed someone tonight

Its been long I have………..

You know, I don’t need to say it and I needs someone I can fuck the hell out of

Picking up my car keys I left the mansion

I sat at the corner of the club taking a sub from my drink

My gaze moved to the girl performing on stage

The way she dance seducely with the stripper pole

I stared at her with my eyes full of lust

“I want her” I mumbled to myself

I stared at her. The dress she wore hardly covered her butt and boobs

She had a mask on her face
I beckoned on the manager

“I want that girl ” I said to her

“I’m sorry sir, she’s not a sex worker here ” she said

I groaned

How dare her alter me

“I said she’s the one I want. Name your price ” I said still not taking my gaze off her

“I’m really to give $200,000,000” I said and I watched her gasped

I smirked

That’s how far I can go in getting what I want