Billionaire’s Surrogate [Episode 2]

Billionaire’s Surrogate [Episode 2]

Chapter two

Authoress gabby Daniel


I came out of the car.

I watched as a man came out of the car I mistakenly hit

He was handsome tho and was well dressed in his suit but trust

He might be a business man i thought. I watched and waited for him to walk up to me

But to my utmost surprise he walked passed me. I mean I was thinking if he will ask me why I hit his car

I checked my time

I was damn late

I quickly hurried to the restaurant and change into our outfits

“you are late ” Ann our manager said immediately she saw me

I rolled my eyes. I’m just some minutes late

I don’t know why she don’t like me

“you know we don’t tolerate lateness. If this continues I’m sorry you will lose your job” she said and I scoffed

If not for Adele fees and mother treatment I would have stopped

“I’m sorry it won’t repeat itself ” I apologized

“take this dish to table 26 and come back quickly because as you all know the director is coming today” she said and I nodded

I can’t still wait to see the director that has this popular hotel. I must confessed he will be fucking rich

I took the dishes and walked out of the kitchen to the restaurant

My eyes moved around searching for table 26

“Aha! ” I mumbled as I saw it from afar

It was occupied by a woman and her little sin that I guessed might be 5 to 6 years

Just then I remembered my cute son and I didn’t know when the tears dropped from my eyes

Albert was cruel for taking my son away. I know he wanted me to be his surrogate at first but I never agreed knowing the family I came from

Mum will surely kill me and then again it happened so fast and we had a night together

I fainted on my engagement day only to find out I was pregnant

Mum was mad at me and having no option than to send me away

We met by chance again and he had taken me in when he knew I was carrying his child

He took care of me and at a time I thought he loves me

Eventually he confessed that he loves me. I have been so blind my love and I believe

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He took care of me till when I gave birth

Three months later when my baby was just 3 months old

I have left him alone with Albert to purchase some baby stuff

Tears fell from my eyes as I remembered what happened 5 years ago


“baby I’m home ” I knocked on the door but there was no reply

I twisted the hand of the door but it didn’t opened

“baby ” I called knowing he didn’t tell me he will be going out

“Albert ” I called again but no response

“hey” someone called behind me and I turned to see our neighbor Alan

” I saw him leaving hours ago and according to him he was going to the airport” he said and I chuckled

That was funny

“stop the joke it’s not time for it” I said and knocked on the door again

“believe me I’m not joking. Albert is gone and he even gave me this to give to you ” he said showing me an envelope and slowly my smile faded away

He wasn’t joking

I slowly took the envelope from him and it contains huge amount of money with a letter

The envelope fell from my hand as I opened the letter with shaking hands

“I know before you will open this, I and my baby would have gotten far. I have taken my baby away to raise him up myself. I came to New Zealand just to look for a surrogate mother. I met you at first and knew you will be the perfect one to carry my child. I have told you to be my surrogate and you refused. Sleeping with you that night wasn’t an accident. I planned it” he said and tears rolled from my eyes

“I knew when you were pregnant for me. We didn’t met by chance again but I made it possible by following your every moves. I never loved you. I only show you all those care because of my child . Use the money in that envelope to start a new life. Don’t look for us because we are far gone. Bye Leila” the letter read



I cried

This isn’t true

I cried and cried

Having no choice I went back home to meet that my sister was already engaged

Mum and dad refused to have anything with me after ruining their reputation

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I was send to go and never come back

Getting pregnant at sixteen was the worst thing I ever did to my parents

Using the money in the envelope I moved to Les Vegas where I met Adele and her mum

End of flashback


I wiped my tears coming back to reality but it was late already. I had bumped into someone and the dishes has poured on him

I gasped

“I’m sorry sir” I picked up the napkin trying to clean the mess on his suit

“you SHIT bag ” he cursed and that’s when I was able to look at his face

It was the man that I hit it’s car

Now that he was so close I had some time checking him out. It’s like I have met him somewhere but can’t tell

Maybe it’s just my imagination

“I’m sorry sir” I said cleaning his clothes

“get your sticky hands off me ” he roared and everyone turned towards us

I rolled my eyes

I have said sorry already so why was he trying to make a big deal out of it

If Ann see this she will surely get me fired

“you are such an incompetent worker. Do you know how much this suit cost” he said and I scoffed

Definitely he was trying to make something out of it

But I won’t let him

“Tell me how much it cost and I will get it for you ” I said

I watched him look at me in horror and then replace it with a smirked

“interesting ” he uttered

“it cost $950,000,000” he said and my eyes widened

It surely cost a lot

Even if I walk here all my life my salary wouldn’t meet up

He snapped his fingers at my face bringing me to reality

“huh! You can’t afford it right ” he said

“poor people like you are just shit bag trying to get on rich people nerves. It didn’t suit you getting attention from me. You are such a slut ” he said the last part making me slapped his face so hard

How dare him insult me

He has gotten this far

Murmuring followed immediately

“what have you done lena” I turned to see Ann our manager

“you just slapped the director of this restaurant ” she asked more like a question

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Wait a minute

What did she just say

I immediately gasped
I just slapped my boss.


We all settled down as Mr. Jude walked him

The noise seized since all the students were afraid of him

I sat with Kate

Mr Jude was half way in his teaching when he walked in

I raised my head and then our face met. I immediately look down smiling sheepishly to myself

I knew I got goosebumps

The butterfly in my stomach started making those crazy noise

“Adele” I heard my name faintly but was too oblivious to asked

I was happy Chad stared at me. A whole chad

“it’s just a look ” my sub conscious mind yelled at me but I rolled my eyes

A stare that mean a lot to me

“Adele!! ” I heard my name much loudly making me jerk back to reality to see Mr Jude standing right in front of me

The whole class attention was on me

“uhmm… Huh..ugh.. ” I couldn’t process what to say

“hi” I waved my hands in front of him and the class burst into laughter

Mr Jude cold face stared back at me. I swallowed hard

What did he expect me to do

“I asked you a question Adele” he said

I squeezed my eyebrows


“I don’t get sir. You never asked me any question sir” I said and the class burst into laughter again

” Your mind was occupied with something else in my class. Take your bag and leave the school premises. No classes for you today. Go home and continue what you have been thinking ” he roared as I swallowed hard

I stared at the whole class

This man just embarrassed me in front of Chad and now I won’t be able to see Chad through out today

“you are wasting our time miss Adele” his voice came in again

I quickly took my bag and run out

Leilena will surely scold me today

I can’t believe I just miss a class

I got home to see mum food still on the dinning the way leilena left it

It’s strange tho

I walked upstairs and opened her room I gasped at what I saw