Billionaire’s Surrogate [Episode 1]

Billionaire’s Surrogate [Episode 1]

Chapter one

Las Vegas

Authoress gabby Daniel pov

“get up Adele you are going to be late for school,” leilena said tapping sleepy Adele, her foster sister she found when she moved to Les Vegas after leaving home

It’s been five years she left home

Five years of misery

Five years of determination of making it in life without help from her father, mother nor her sister who married her fiance Grayson Dylan after she got pregnant for the mystery billionaire

She has moved to Los Vegas after her parents sent her away from home for getting pregnant at the age of sixteen

Not just getting pregnant but she was engaged then

She has gotten to Les Vegas and was taken in by Adele and her Mum Sharon whom she takes as her family now

“Ahhhhh sister it’s too early ” Adele groaned as she kept her eyes tight

“you are going to get late. And you know Victoria high isn’t a school for latecomers. Take your bath and come have your breakfast ” leilena said as she walked out of the room she share with Adele

They weren’t that rich tho

She took her coffee and took a sub out of it

She checked her time
She doesn’t want to be late for work

“hurry up Adele, you know I have to drop you off before going to work” leilena uttured

“I’m coming sister ” Adele yelled back

Leilena took the time to check out her outfit. A waiter at the famous Del Rio Restaurant needs to dress rightly and be punctual

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“Adele…!” she called again checking out the time

“I’m here already” Adele said and Leila turned as she stared at Adele

Her skirt was getting short now

And of my God

Did she just see lipstick on Adele lips

For God sake she’s just sixteen

“how many times will I tell you to stop applying lipstick to school ” leilena yelled

“common sister is just lipstick. My friends applied too and they aren’t dead” Adele replied and pulled a chair at the dinning room

Leilena huffed

Adele was still young

She doesn’t want her to make the same mistake she made five years ago

“not because others does it doesn’t mean you have to. There’s time for everything ” leilena said

“I know sister. Applying lipstick doesn’t mean I’m going to school to seduce anyone. It’s just lipstick ” Adele mumbled

“are we going to talk about lipstick all day. You know you still have to go to work ” Adele asked

“whatever ” leilena said

“quickly eat up as I checked on mum” leilena answered

She walked to her mum room and found her still sleeping

“we are off mum. Make sure you take your medications after eating ” she said before shutting the door back

They left their small bungalow house and entered the old car that was parked outside their house

It was the only car owned by Adele mum

It was old already but still drives well

Adele entered and they drove out.
Adele got to school right on time and met her two best friends Kate and Ashley

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Victoria high is a school for rich brat but she was able to get a scholarship

and just then a limousine drove into the school

It was the school prince Chad

He came out of the car looking breathtaking

Adele thought she was going to faint but Kate held her back

“don’t faint yet” Kate mumbled

Her heart was beating so fast

She saw lots of students taking pictures of him

Who wouldn’t

He fucking hot

But no one gets closed to him. He is such a grumpy cold guy

Chad walked into the school ignoring the attention of the students on him

They wasn’t his class“you make sure you behave well in school and don’t get into a fight with your teachers” Alberto said to his cute little boy

“I will deal with anyone who crosses my way father” he yelled

“Ryan ” Alberto yelled

“I’m off to school father” he said kissing his father cheeks

“just five years and he is acting like a grown-up” Alberto mumble He checked the time

He wasn’t going to the office today but he was going to his restaurant to check out how stuff have been going on there

Revising he droved out of the school compound

9:10 am

Amor sat at her office checking on the day schedules

The door opened and her father walked in

Jordan Connor was her father’s name

” good morning dad” she said taking her coffee

“it’s too early to drink. You need to get to work” her father said

She rolled her eyes

That’s her father for you

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“father is too early ” she said

“yes but early enough for the world to start carrying rumors,” her father said gritting his teeth

What did he mean Amor thought

“look here” her father said handling his cellphone to her

“the same time, month . Five years ago when Amor Connor took her sister fiancee after her sister leilena got pregnant for an unknown billionaire ” the message rea What’s this

She thought her father has gotten rid of this five years ago

Her sister is gone so why can’t the public let it be

It’s been five years no one knows the whereabouts of her sister and it has remained the same since no one cares

To them leilena Dickson was a disgrace to the Dickson home

“it’s fine father. I will handle it and speak to my husband about it ” she answered

Les Vegas…….
Leila speed up as she drove to the restaurant her working place

She doesn’t want to be lat Not today that the director of the restaurant is coming

Her manager will just get her fired, and that’s the only work she was doing to pay for Adele fee She got to the restaurant and was about parking when she saw another car about parking

She got vexed that was her spo And wanting to park in there before the other car, she hit the car mistakenly