Big Boogie – Mixed Emotions Lyrics

Mixed Emotions Lyrics By Big Boogie

“Big Dude”
“Talk Your S*** N****” “Gllrrdd”
I thank god that I ain’t dead yet
I’m 25 and I’m living I barely leg rest
The devil trying to f*** me off that’s just a head test I ain’t never been sour so f*** who said that

My last bitch went federal that’s my little FedEx
I’m a goat from here on out my s*** aint red check N*****
yelling f*** boogie I got em dead pressed
If you the one that turned your back you get a red check
It’s a different when you solid you can head rest
I know some n***** who don’t like me I ain’t scared yet
My daughter finna be 2 I’m spending mail checks
Free my n***** they ain’t here they sending jail texts

Deep Dark Tint, Big Pistol, Focused
Main n**** diss me I be catching loafing Came far from Frayser
I deserve a trophy Waterproof diamonds I be super soaky
Rough ass gentleman don’t need no lotion Kind hearted n****
I got mixed emotions Bitches only want you if you having motion
Brother 6 feet my insides broken “Q”
Wishing for the past I be drinking potion Knocking s*** down bowling pins scoring
Killing all my opps quite tippy toeing
Bad bitch with me she ask where I’m going Murder grape street baby them my loose screws
Louisiana n**** baby I know voodoo

Never run the beef let that s*** come to you
Try me anywhere they gone put you up on the news
Aye Boogie you got em hot
Rappers jealous cuz I’m focused and they not I got diamonds that shoot Fye
I will get on top
“What You Do”

They don’t like me cuz I’m thugging and I’m hot I got killers on the spot
Rawest In the streets no compete they can stop Choppa bullet flip it “” “” that s*** hot
Sinking from the bottom I’m the young n****
On top Boogie this Boogie That that young n**** done popped
CMG member to be the gang you can’t flop N*****
Keyboard killers in person they’ll get shot Ammos in my videos “haha” they be Props
Pull up on the Law I’m in the Nawf with the block

Ion f*** with rappers all that bull**** they drop
Bitches pogo sticks they see diamonds they gone hop
Choppa Handy China You Gone Get Your A** Chopped You gone get your A** Dropped
I post my HITTA on my main page
Seven thousand rain look like lemonade Scars start aching on a rainy day
Hate hearing negative need a hearing aid
Beat em like Jody just put your chin up
Murder forever I throw them M’s up
What we do belong on camera hold them hands up Bitch I’m rich I got them bands up

“What You Say Now” “Hmmmm”
“Why they hating now” “Hmmmm”
“Throw them M’s up” “Hmmmm”
“Got my bands up” “Hmmmm”
“Shoot them Haitians” “Hmmmm”

“We got locations”
“Face Him”
Goonie swing that choppa you’ll think it’s Kroger TayG get on feet go and stop his motor
We gone turn em over