BetterDocs Pro – Make Your Knowledge Base Standout

BetterDocs Pro - Make Your Knowledge Base Standout
BetterDocs Pro – Make Your Knowledge Base Standout



Accelerate The Power Of Knowledge Base With BetterDocs Create & Manage Knowledge Base Documentation Effectively To Reduce Support Tickets, Increase productivity, Improve User Experience and scale your customer support operations.





BetterDocs Pro – Make Your Knowledge Base Standout Features

Create a landing page for your documentation page in minutes with the beautiful ready layouts and give it a user-friendly look without using any code.

Scrollable Table Of Contents
Generate Table of Content automatically when you use bullet points in help articles & make this TOC moves with the scroll in order to let your visitors always go to other part of docs.



Advanced Customization Option
Customize documentation pages from setting or even add the shortcode, page builder widgets, and more to get full authority to make it stand out for your web visitors.

Instant Answers
Help your customers browse the docs and knowledge base articles right from the chat window without leaving the page and reduce the support tickets.




Insightful Analytics
Track and evaluate activities on your documentation page to get insights about your Knowledge Base and improve user experience by analyzing the traffic.

Advanced Live Search
Assist your visitors to get the exact docs solution and reduce dependency on support with a built-in advanced live search option from the top.




Multiple Knowledge Bases
Create multiple knowledge bases for each of your products and maintain all of your documentation simultaneously from one website to increase efficiency.
Translate Documentations Using WPML
Connect to users worldwide on your multilingual WordPress websites by translating single docs into any language through seamless integration with WPML.

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