Android Status App With Reward Point App Source Code

Android Status App With Reward Point App Source Code
Android Status App With Reward Point App Source Code

Android Status App With Reward Point App Source Code Features:

 √ Latest UI with Material Design
√  Compatibility with all devices
√  Category wise status listing
√  Shared status with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and other applications
√  Download status list
 √ Upload video, image, gif, stock status
√  User loaded status list
 √ Add to Favorite Features for Status
√  Status view and similar features
√  Horizontal, vertical, and related status list
√  Reward Points Features.  View user status and upload status to earn reward points
√  Register in the application and get a reward point
  √Share your referral code with others and earn reward points for each registered user with your referral code.
  √User’s current reward point list
√  History and list of user withdrawal reward points
√  User reward point to claim in the admin panel
√  The user receives a notification when the administrator approves the transaction
√  Login / Register, Gmail, and Facebook Login Features
√  Manage Profile Role
 √ Comment and report on individual status
 √ The user goes on and on
√  Email verification then sign up / added SMTP email in PHP web service
√  Frequently asked questions and contact form
 √ Latest navigation view
√  Rate apps, more apps, and share app links
√  Check network availability
√  Admob integrated with banner, interstitial, and rewarded video ads
√  Easy admin panel to manage all videos and users
  √OneSignal push notification
  √Watermark feature (download video only)
 √ Android Studio code with the latest version 4.0
√  Bootstrap 100% Responsive Design
√  Easy installation
√  Easy-to-use dashboard (graph analysis, log statistics)
√  Admin panel with many functions
 √ Manage categories
√  Manage languages
√  Manage home slider
√  Manage video statuses, images, GIFs, and quotes
  √Manage users and list of deleted users
√  Manage the list of deleted users
 √ Manage verification request
√  Manage transaction
√  Manage Lucky Wheel
 √ Manage notifications and notification settings
√  Manage settings (reward points, SMTP settings, general settings)
√  Added payment mode in admin panel settings.  This is used when the user completes the reward points claim form and selects the payment mode
√  Handle Enable / Disable OTP Verification from App
√  Handle the option of loading states (show/hide) from the application…