Advanced Custom Fields Pro

Advanced Custom Fields Pro
Advanced Custom Fields Pro



Boost your website with powerful functionality! Buy ACF PRO and unlock repeater field, flexible content field, gallery field, and options page features!



Advanced Custom Fields Pro Features

More fields use AJAX-powered search to speed up page loading.

Local JSON
New auto export to JSON feature improves speed and allows for synchronization.

Easy Import / Export
Both import and export can easily be done through a new tools page.



New Form Locations
Fields can now be mapped to comments, widgets, and all user forms!.

More Customization
New PHP (and JS) actions and filters have been added to allow for more customization

Fresh UI
The entire plugin has had a design refresh including new field types, settings, and design!



New oEmbed Field
A new field for embedding content has been added.

New Settings
Field group settings have been added for label placement and instruction placement.

Better Front End Forms
acf_form() can now create a new post on submission with lots of new settings.



Better Validation
Form validation is now done via PHP + AJAX in favor of only JS.

Better Relationship Field
New Relationship field setting for ‘Filters’ (Search, Post Type, Taxonomy).

Moving Fields New field group functionality allows you to move a field between groups & parents.









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