Actress Wofai – “Doing Business in Nigeria Is Disappointing”

Actress Wofai
Actress Wofai

Actress Wofai revealed that doing business in Nigeria is Bitter

Famous Nigerian comedienne, TV presenter, actress, and entrepreneur Wofai Egu Ewa commonly known as Wofai Fada lamented in her page on Instagram on Thursday over the rise in food and cooking gas prices. Expressing her anger, Wofai said that running a business is tiring and frustrating and that costs get out of hand.

Wofai stated: “The cost of things in this country is no longer even funny.” Dried fish, gas, palm oil, and the list goes on. “Let me not talk about diesel, this is a topic for another day. “Doing business in this country is so exhausting and exhausting.”

On a monthly basis, food prices seem to rise in major cities across the country. For example, the prices of flour products such as “bread”, cereals such as “rice, beans, harry”, and regular drinks have experienced unimaginable price increases over the past month compared to previous months during the year.

The results show that Sardine was originally sold at N300, now sold at N600 in the market and N700 in supermarkets across the country. A bag of beans sold earlier in September at 30,000 NIS E., Now costs between 50,000 and 100,000 N.E. NS.

In addition, beverage bags (eg milk, milk) sold under the N700 are now sold under the N1200. Bread that used to be priced between N350 and N400 is now priced at N700. Almost all consumables have doubled in the past month.