5 Android Wallpapers App Source code

5 Android Wallpapers App Source code
5 Android Wallpapers App Source Code

5 Android Wallpapers App Source Code Features:

  •Secure API calls
•  Latest, Most Viewed, and Top Rated Wallpaper & GIF List
•  Wallpaper types: portrait  landscape square  all
•  Wallpaper colors: select wallpapers based on their colors
•  Enable  disable types of wallpapers from admin panel
 • Enable  disable wallpaper colors from Android source code
  •Total views of each wallpaper and GIF
 • Total downloads of each wallpaper and GIF
•  Average ratings of each wallpaper and GIF
•  Tags for each wallpaper and GIF
•  Endless scrolling of the list
•  Save or share wallpapers and GIFs with your friends and on social media and rate them
•  Set as wallpaper option wallpapers and  gifs
•  Option to set wallpaper on home screen or lock screen or both
•  Add to Favorite Feature Wallpapers and GIF
•  Login, Register, Profile  Forgotten password
•  Report wallpapers
•  Clear cache option to clear the cache
•  Latest UI with Material Design
•  Navigation view
•  Pinch zoom and double click on wallpapers
•  Notification of insertion of a signal
•  Send notification through admin panel
•  On + off push notification option
 • AdMob ads with integrated native, interstitial, and banner ads
•  Facebook Ads with Integrated Native, Interstitial, and Banner Ads
•  The application is GDPR compliant
•  Manage ad details from the admin panel
•  Combability of all devices
•  Simple admin panel with latest material design
•  You can also change the frequency in the interstitial ad to show after the number of clicks in the admin panel
•  Supports dark mode
•  Administration side:
 • Simple and attractive admin panel.
•  Displays the total category and the loaded wallpaper.
•  Easily manage category section
  •Manage HD wallpapers section with total views
 • Manage GIF section
 • Upload unlimited category and your article.
  •Upload unlimited GIF images.




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